Head Designer

Apr 2012 - Jan 2014

Working as the Head Designer for EPOKHE I worked closely with founders Dion Agius and Kai Neville throughout the design process of their first and second collection (yet to be released). Below are some of the styles that I created while working for EPOKHE and some lifestyle images shot by Trevor King, Mel Tjoeng, Dion Agius and Kai Neville showing the styles worn.


"The XOA has a timeless look with the unmistakable teardrop shaped lenses. This style is reminiscent of the Aviator and has that iconic look that has endured for nearly a century. Although the XOA takes on its own original vibe with its intricate detailing and shortage of nose-bridge. A modern opus in the EPOKHE Range and one we are all highly excited about."


Bold. Stylish. Modern.


The KLARA is a modern take on the classic cat eye of the 1950s.


"Zenica feels very contemporary and was inspired by the industrial structures and clean lines conjured by the β€˜60s and β€˜70s minimalist design period. Taking classic styles and referencing architecture in our frames is definitely a theme you will find throughout the EPOKHE line. Smooth and clean."